"Don't pussy foot around"

Reserve your dates ahead of time during holiday and busy seasons, as we fill up fast! Please call for reservations do not email.

Dogs & Cats:  
$11.00 per night
$12.00 per night
$13.00 per night
$15.00 per night
76 & 100  
 $16.00 per night

101- up     $18.00 per

Aggressive  dogs (ex. Pit Bulls)   $18.00

   Call us for      special rates on other types of pets, such as fish, rodents, pigs and birds.

Also we have rates for long term stays.

Playtime and Daycare Available

Safe and Secure

A Place for all pets, from small to tall, to be cared for by our professional staff, while you're away from home.
We have the only indoor - outdoor climate controlled run facility in this area. Pets are 
free to move in and out of the building at will. Dogs are kept in areas by their size. Cats 
are in their own room. Feel free to bring your own food, toy or any medication to be 
administered. We will always furnish food, toys and bedding upon request.

Puppies are allowed to play with other puppies at the owners discretion.

"We cool cats prefer our own quarters for resting, away from the noisy pooches"

Patchwork Pet Resort