Patchwork Pet Resort

A Resting Place

The loss of a pet is losing a member of the family.    
Pets are often a source of companionship, security, and unconditional love.  

Many couples do not have any children, so the family pet is all they have.......

Our landscaped grounds offer tranquil surroundings as a reward for the love,

devotion and companionship they have given to us. Everyone is invited to visit

our well-maintained, quiet location in the country.  It is a fitting tribute to all family pets.  
We have been featured in all of the local newspapers as well as the National Pet Cemetery Association publications.  
We have a variety of pets buried here including dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and even 
hamsters.  We have had pets brought to us from as far as 75 miles away.
Caskets and headstones are available on the open market for your pet as well. Cremation services are offered by a few local veterinarians and will be glad to help you in this process.

 A pre-need plan is also available.

The cemetery is located adjacent to our facility and

is easily viewed during daylight hours, seven days a week.
The cost of burial plots vary according to the size of the pet.