"                      SPECIAL OPTIONS"
 De-Matting, an extra $5 & up
 Toenails,  $5 and up, or free with a bath
 Special or Medicated shampoos $3.00 extra & up
 Dental hygiene Treatment  $10.00 & up  

"BATH "  a  flea dip, clip toe nails, express anal glands, and clean ears.

The most important element in determining the quality of pet grooming is the experience and artistry of the groomer.

We have just that - experience and talent.

Barbara Lundy has been grooming dogs for over 45

years.  Traveling the world over, and competing with 
the best, has brought her many awards.  Dogs are 
shipped to her from world-wide just to be groomed for 
dog shows such as Eukanuba & Westminster.

Our highly skilled grooming division, has several 
groomers, who have been trained to clip according to 
AKC's set standards for each breed.  However; we also 
do any type of grooming on any type of pet that is 
requested by owners. Prices vary, like any salon, it 
depends on the condition of the hair, coat, size of pet, 
and what service is required.

"FULL  GROOM" A full body clip, depending  on the breed, and what style is requested. This includes nails, bath, ears, etc.

"DELUXE BATH" is the same as a regular bath - plus, shave belly and private parts,  tidy up feet and face.

Winning Styles

Yes, We do kitties too!!!
Some take to it, better than others.....

Patchwork Pet Resort