Patchwork Pet Resort

  We have shown just about everything over the past 40 yrs. With AKC agent # 0031.

  From Chihuahuas to St. Bernard's.

Handling rates vary according to the size of dog, grooming and travel distance.

  We have traveled all over the US, from Westminster in N.Y.  to Europe. From Crufts in England to the World Show in Italy. Winning honors to qualify for the shows the following year.

Our little K9 camp has housed many celebrities such as this Welch Terrier  "Black Watch Gorgeous George." owned by Bill Cosby (the actor).

Professional Handling

A St. Poodle " Rushes CeCe Ryder" owned by D. & D. McCarty of Tyler,Tx.

Giant Schnauzer, "Skansien's Great Zeus" owned by Dr. James Logan of Marshall, Tx.

This is Wire Hair Terrier, 

"Royal Starlight's

Dream" owned by Bonnie Wilson Houston,Tx.