Patchwork Pet Resort

Our  Story

Patchwork Pet Resort is set back in a quiet country setting. It is only five minutes from downtown,  and either highway 59 or highway 80. I-20 is also only a few miles away, making us easily accessible to anyone visiting.
The property was originally an old Confederate gun powder mill, thus giving it the name of 
Powder Mill Farms by the original owner in 1969, the Rains family, and daughter Nancy Lambert. 
Part of this historical site later changed its name in 1985 to Patchwork, after being purchased by 
Sam and Barbara Lundy.
Barbara Lundy has always had a love for animals from childhood. Her start was feeding and 
socializing German Shepherd puppies for the Army, in which her grandfather served .  She then completed her Airforce ROTC and opened her first business, the Damasyn Sentry Service with her co-breeder, Herman Smith, a detective for the railroad. While in high school, she trained and rented guard dogs to businesses (At that time, alarm systems were only for banks).
She then managed the Powder Mill Kennels.   

She earned degrees in Police Science, Criminal Investigation and Animal Behavior. Using these talents she worked for the Marshall Police Department, to be their first woman cadet and second woman patrolman.  She later worked animal cruelties for the Sheriff's department while volunteering at the Animal Shelter and serving on the board of the Humane Society.
Barbara served 15 yrs. for the Humane Society. Serving as 4-H Leader for 20 yrs., she started the first 4-H Dog Club in Harrison County.
While serving on the Board of Directors for the Longview Kennel Club, she had worked with the 
Caddo Kennel Club to reach recognition by the AKC to become a licensed club.                             
"Children will become future pet owners,  and thus need guidance in all aspects to become 
better adults" which has been her motto. Both she and her husband never had children of their 
own by choice, but rather enjoyed taking their

4-H kids to camps and competitions.
Her love for competition in the animal world

led her to dog handling and showing,

thus building the business that she has today.