Patchwork Pet Resort

 Patchwork Pet Resort  has been established with an in-house veterinarian  since 1969. We later enlarged our clinic facilities in 2002 to accommodate a larger clientel. Patchwork Veterinary Clinic offers full service veterinary care.

 Our  veterinarians and all of us, strive to provide the highest level of care to all animals and excellent service to our clients. We use our combined knowledge, experience and compassion, to provide the best care we can.

 We are unique in the fact that, many of our veterinary services, such as exams, teeth cleaning, surgery and lab work can be provided while your pet is being groomed or boarded,  for the owners  convenience.

 Having a veterinarian available while other services are being preformed, is a very good way to combine trips for the owner, with the busy lifestyle that many of our clients have.

 Our facility being a temporary home to many show dogs, and with shipping guidelines constantly changing. A doctor is always in need, to make sure all pets are well taken care of during transport, and care while at our facility.

Veterinarian Services